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Medical Career Choices- Medical Jobs in USA

Career Choices

There are dozens of Medical /health care jobs available – which ones might be right for you?

Click on the job titles below to learn more about the career information:
· The day-to-day work of the job
· Where you might work
· Job outlook
· Salary range
· Education and school information

Most common Medical Career professions

Medical Career in  Counseling

Medical Career in Clinical Laboratory Science

Medical Career in Dentistry

Medical Career in Medicine

Medical Career in Health Administration, Information & Communications

Medical Career in Nursing

Medical Career in Public Health & Nutrition

Medical Career in Pharmacy

Medical Career in the Field of Therapy

Medical Career on Science, Engineering & Diagnostic Instrumentation

Medical Career in Radiologic Technology

Medical Carer in Vision

Medical Career in Veterinary Medicine

Other Health Care Careers

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